The adult human body has enough energy to explode with the force of 30 hydrogen bombs. What do we do with that energy on a daily basis? How do we manipulate it when we wake up, when we walk, wade through water, or make contact with another human being?

Ruby's dance attempts to find channels and crevices through which this energy can move, chasing that explosive spirit that is present in the center of all of us. She expresses and explores those things that are intangible and unexplainable through the sensual form of the human body.


Ruby has been dancing and moving since before she can remember. She began taking contemporary classes in Minneapolis, MN when she was about 12 up through high school, continuing on to declare a major in dance and choreography at Oberlin College. After studying and taking classes in London, Berlin and other international cities, she finally landed in Tangier, Morocco where there was virtually no contemporary dance scene to be found. For the past three years she has been living there, introducing modern dance, working with young Moroccan dancers and creating original performances in collaboration with various organizations including the US Embassy of Morocco's Cultural Department, the American Language Center, The American Legation of Tangier, L’Institut Français and the Cinémateque de Tanger. Although she teaches regular classes at the Conservatoire D’Art et Musique and Eden Club Femme, she also frequently travels around Morocco and other countries for workshops, teaching and performance opportunities.

For a detailed account of her experience, click here for her CV.