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Project Announcement | Conversations in Process

You have probably figured out by now that I am starting a podcast titled Process Piece- interviews with artists on the complex behind-the-scenes of how and why they make their work. However, this is part of a larger personal project.

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Being On Stage | Self-Transformation + Belonging

5 minutes to curtain. I can’t sit still. My partner is seated and taking deep, meditative breaths to focus himself and meanwhile, I am anxiously hopping around from one foot to another, mindlessly stretching out my arms and shoulders and exhaling with constant breathy sighs. 

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What Lifts You Up When You're Down? | Identifying Your Fundamental Passion

I realized through being sick that dance is what will always pull me up from negativity. Yes, I love to write, I love to cook and bake and practice yoga, but none of these things feed my soul and spirit in the same way that dance and choreography does. Dance saves me and lifts me up when I’m down. 

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Confessions + Lessons From a Formerly Reluctant Dance Teacher

When I began teaching those dance classes regularly about five years ago, I would hesitantly say to people, “yes, I teach dance,” always followed by, “but I’m not actually a teacher, I’m a choreographer.” It’s silly, really, because the two are in no way mutually exclusive. Why in the world couldn’t I just be both?

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Winter Playlist + How The Music Moves Me / An Improv Video

I go through phases where besides the time spent teaching and dancing in the studio, I barely listen to music. I enjoy the inner silence and the outer background noise of cars and frequent yelling matches outside in the streets (although I can never tell if it is happy enthusiastic cries or a fight- both are entirely plausible in Tangier). I don’t feel the need to fill space with anything but this unique sort of white noise and my own thoughts swimming among it.

However, there is something about winter- the month of December especially- that starts to give me this pressing need for a daily soundtrack.

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