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Snapshots from Stockholm + The Travel Duet

While in Stockholm, I felt as if I was weaving myself around in a little traveling dance- together and apart, together and apart. Solo, duet, Solo duet. Next to exploring my hometown and having a mini-moon in New York after getting married, this was only the second time that M and I had ever traveled together.  He was called to Stockholm for a conference and I tagged along to explore this new city and take some dance + yoga workshops there.

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London | A Simple-Beauty-Seeker City Tour

I am finally back in Tangier and part of me is content with swinging back into a routine, especially with this perfect spring weather blowing across the mediterranean, but the other part of me wants to stay on the move. The electricity of travel is still sparking in my veins and I can’t help continuing to lust over Pinterest photos, city names and calls for international dance workshops. I also keep revisiting all of my pictures from this last trip to London, wondering how soon I can go back again. 

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Day Trip to Moulay Abdessalam + Encounters with Sufism

There are few emotions about places for which adequate single words exist: we have to make awkward piles of words to convey what we felt when watching light fade on an early autumn evening or when encountering a pool of perfectly still water in a clearing.

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