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Snapshots from Stockholm + The Travel Duet

While in Stockholm, I felt as if I was weaving myself around in a little traveling dance- together and apart, together and apart. Solo, duet, Solo duet. Next to exploring my hometown and having a mini-moon in New York after getting married, this was only the second time that M and I had ever traveled together.  He was called to Stockholm for a conference and I tagged along to explore this new city and take some dance + yoga workshops there.

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An Ode to Airplanes

As much as I adore the energy the body absorbs from dance, yoga, long walks, and good stretches, there is one particular physical experience that quite literally rises above all others. I will never get tired of the feeling I get when taking off in an airplane. Rolling slowly away from the gate, moseying around the maze of concrete until the plane turns its nose towards the expectant runway. 

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