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London | A Simple-Beauty-Seeker City Tour

I am finally back in Tangier and part of me is content with swinging back into a routine, especially with this perfect spring weather blowing across the mediterranean, but the other part of me wants to stay on the move. The electricity of travel is still sparking in my veins and I can’t help continuing to lust over Pinterest photos, city names and calls for international dance workshops. I also keep revisiting all of my pictures from this last trip to London, wondering how soon I can go back again. 

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Four Years Ago Today

I knew the first day might be awful and uncomfortable, and for the most part I was right. Everything is so foreign that the tiniest things feel like big accomplishments- finding a phone, getting an Oyster card, etc. Suddenly the idea of traveling alone seems crazy. Every second all I want to do is call my mom and ask her what to do. Where should I eat? Should I go out or rest? Every minor decision seems major and overwhelming.

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