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10 Lessons Learned from Deleting Instagram for 10 Days

It’s not like I have done anything truly radical here. I deleted a little colorful box from the screen in my pocket for the last ten days of Ramadan. While it may sound trivial in these simplified terms, the effects were anything but minor. By eliminating it, I was able to really feel the heavy presence that social media holds in my daily life.

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"Don't Think. Jump." | Advice on Taking a Creative Plunge

“Don’t think, jump.” That is what a teenage boy said to me as I peeked over the edge of a seemingly-high cliff into the icy blue water of Lake Superior. Him and his friend had been doing flips and all sorts of acrobatic leaps the whole morning while my friend and I looked on, deciding if our 13-year-old selves had the guts to join.

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How I Learned Moroccan Arabic + 5 Ways to Self-Study Any Language

I have written briefly in the past about my language-learning adventure, first with French and then with Darija. However, I still have so many people constantly asking me, “How did you do it?” How have I gotten to the point where when I speak Moroccan Arabic people frequently get confused and ask me if maybe someone in my family is from Morocco? 

The truth is that it boils down to one thing. The fierce determination to feel like I belong. 

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