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Bissara | Moroccan Split Pea + Fava Bean Soup

There is some strange relationship between me and the taxis in Tangier. It is rare that I have a normal, uneventful ride- usually there is some happening or detail about it that is worthy of a humorous retelling. At least half of my Morocco-related stories start with the phrase, “so I was in a taxi the other day…”

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Warm White Bean + Eggplant Salad w/ Roasted Garlic + Oregano Vinaigrette

I was listening to an On Being interview the other day with Ellen Langer, a social psychologist who studies mindfulness in its simplest form. She was talking about the mindful practice of language and how changing just one word in your inner dialogue can have a massive effect on your subconscious and overall being. For example, we react completely differently to situations whether the activity we are doing is labeled “work” or “play,” even if it is the same activity. As Langer said, “you change a word or two, here or there, and you get vastly different effects.”

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Moroccan White Beans + Greens in Tomato Sauce (Loubia ma3 Silk) + The Melancholy of Tangier

“Nothing evokes melancholy like cities do” -Tara Isabella Burton, The Geography of Melancholy, American Reader …And oh, the melancholy of Tangier. I have always loved that word- melancholy. It sounds particularly poetic and romantic to the ear, and yet to feel it is quite another matter. Lately this city has been sucking me into a lazy, slouching form of this feeling

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