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A Long Weekend in Sevilla, Spain | The Most Stunning Sights + Coziest Cafes

While our trip last month was not my first visit to Sevilla, Spain (or “Seville,” I suppose, as we say in the states), but it felt as if I was seeing everything with fresh, new eyes. My memories of the Sevilla I visited 6 years ago are nothing but a blur of Semana Santa festivities that commemorated the holy week of Easter.

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A Handful of Favorite Cafes + Eats in Malaga, Spain

Once I released my hold on the reins and embraced vacation-mode, I could enjoy the long weekend in its entirety. I felt my body and mind melting into a more relaxed state with every second we were there. Coming from a week of intense dancing and recovery, it turned out that my poor muscles needed the heat and salt water to loosen them up again. 

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Rain-Soaked + Solo, A Romantic Weekend in Madrid

A city in the rain is as romantic as you make it. You can walk arm in arm with a loved one through the glistening cobblestones, finding cozy nooks in cafes and whispering into mugs of tea, or you can be chilled, damp and groan that you can’t properly take pictures without getting your camera wet and you wanted to see that lovely park, but what’s the point now.

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