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A Long Weekend in Sevilla, Spain | The Most Stunning Sights + Coziest Cafes

While our trip last month was not my first visit to Sevilla, Spain (or “Seville,” I suppose, as we say in the states), but it felt as if I was seeing everything with fresh, new eyes. My memories of the Sevilla I visited 6 years ago are nothing but a blur of Semana Santa festivities that commemorated the holy week of Easter.

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A Handful of Favorite Cafes + Eats in Malaga, Spain

Once I released my hold on the reins and embraced vacation-mode, I could enjoy the long weekend in its entirety. I felt my body and mind melting into a more relaxed state with every second we were there. Coming from a week of intense dancing and recovery, it turned out that my poor muscles needed the heat and salt water to loosen them up again. 

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Montreal | Highlights + On Specific Places of Belonging

I arrived in Montreal both exhausted and hungry. Exhausted from the week in Véretz and yet hungry for more inspiration, more culture, more art, dance, performance, and really good food. I think we all have certain cities or places that know exactly how to feed us properly, and I would venture to say that for my tastes, Montreal is an absolute feast. 

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