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3 Pieces of Advice on the Elusive Task of Working From Home

Here is a not-so-secret secret: only very recently have I figured out a schedule and way of working that suits me and even then, I know that there is still a lot to learn and improve. It has taken a long time to begin to scratch the surface of how I can be the most productive without driving myself crazy or working non-stop.

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"Don't Think. Jump." | Advice on Taking a Creative Plunge

“Don’t think, jump.” That is what a teenage boy said to me as I peeked over the edge of a seemingly-high cliff into the icy blue water of Lake Superior. Him and his friend had been doing flips and all sorts of acrobatic leaps the whole morning while my friend and I looked on, deciding if our 13-year-old selves had the guts to join.

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Dumping Your Toxic Boyfriend

Before you ask- no, I have not suddenly made a strange and uncharacteristic switch into the realm of dating advice. The toxic boyfriend (or girlfriend/partner) that I refer to above alludes to a different kind of relationship. The complicated partnership between you and your work. 

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