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The Classic No-Bake Tarte Citron + On Failure in the Kitchen

Since I began to learn how to cook, I have viewed the process of preparing food as something more than just the mechanic task of feeding oneself. There is creativity and spirit in the kitchen, making the cooking or baking process lively, meditative, mindful, or educational. It may be a stretch, but I would venture to say that one’s relationship to cooking can tell you a lot about them. My love of it began with finding joy in methodic creation paired with experimentation and risk, all tied together by putting your heart into good ingredients and making something delicious that brings a smile to everyones face. 

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Mekitsa (Bulgarian Donuts) with Peaches, Cheese + Honey

I have always been one of those people who automatically runs by the motto save the best for last. As a child I would meticulously figure out which bite of dinner was the most delicious and eat my way around it so that the last flavor in my mouth could linger and be savored even once the meal was through. I remember calculating in a split second the best ratio of frosting to cake or cheese-to-sauce-to-crust and making sure the last morsel on my plate fit that equation. Best for last perhaps has its satisfactory benefits, but at the same time it can be a bit exhausting to get so precious about the little things. 

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Apple Upside-Down Basbousa with Orange Blossom Cardamom Cream

I have mentioned a couple times that I am pushing myself through National Novel Writing Month (granted, the election drama put me behind a bit), but I have not revealed what exactly I am writing about. Truth be told, I am not sure it falls under the category of “novel,” exactly, but more like a quilt of short stories, tied together by some over-arching theme that I am hoping will reveal itself eventually.

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