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Vietnam Part 2 | The Best of Food and Coffee in Da Nang + Hoi An

There are two things that I believe will always help you to deeply learn about a new culture from the inside out- people and food. Books, research, and visiting monuments are all well and good, but if you want to get to the heart of a culture, talk to the people and eat their food. In fact, if you get the chance, talk to the people while you prepare and eat food together. 

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Ramadan Reflection | Breaking Patterns and Finding the Spiritual in Food + Time

Breakfast time.
Lunch hour.
Dinner on the table. 

These are all moments of each day that are engrained in us like clockwork. At first I thought that perhaps one of the biggest time-related challenges in moving to Tangier would be changing my dinner time from 6ish to 9ish, but little did I know what Ramadan had in store for me. 

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Turmeric + Ginger Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

I have finally reached the end of a long weekend of non-stop movement. Between planning and executing classes for the open door days at Eden Club Femme & my first contemporary courses at the conservatory for the new school year, my mind and body have been in a frenzy of trying to remember correct music cues and those 8-counts I choreographed last week.

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Maple Muesli Banana Bread + The Balancing Act

While millions of pumpkin spice lattes are brewing in America, here there is only the slightest change in breeze temperature to signal the seasons changing. This is about the time of year when a bittersweet sort of homesickness kicks in. The longer I live in Morocco, the more wildly these feelings seem to fluctuate.

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Amsterdam Part 2 | A Mostly-Edible Travel Guide

I decided upon return that I wanted to write a post about my trip to Amsterdam- the travel-guide angle. Yet as I sat down to write this, something hit me. All I did outside of the studio was sleep, eat enormously, and frantically shop for a wedding dress. So these are, I suppose, the premises of my stories. No museums, no sightseeing in particular, just a lot of walking, eating, shopping, sleeping.

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Strawberry Cardamom Coconut Muffins

I debated with myself for a while about what direction to take with this blog. I’ve had food blogs in the past that always provided some solace and enjoyment, but I would get stuck frequently with bad cases of recipe block and spiral into a circle of frustration. I began to add some travel stories while also beginning this website as a professional dance news space. Finally I asked myself- why the need to have everything so separate? Interests are made to intersect. I don’t believe in separating hobbies from real work.

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