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Lemony Garlic Herb White Bean Dip + A Pretty Simple Cooking Dinner Party

I always enjoy reading stories of why people began to cook. Why they fell in love with the act of blending ingredients together, sprinkling spices, mixing brownie batter and that glorious moment when you pull a perfectly puffed pan of muffins out of the oven. I feel like it can reveal an intimate slice of the trajectory of a person’s growth. 

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Moroccan Harira + Looking Back On My First Ramadan

Tangier is, by nature, a noisy place. At all hours of the day and night there are cars and trucks rumbling around, mopeds backfiring, people yelling, whether in enthusiastic greeting or heated debate, and absolutely no one is ever shy with their horn. For this reason, it is impossible to forget my first Ramadan in Morocco when I heard something I had never heard before in this city- silence. 

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Strawberry Thyme Hand Pies + Practicing Patience

There is no doubt that the changing over of seasons stirs something up inside of all of us. I have always loved spring, with it’s way of rebirthing what was hibernating and buried underground for so long, but the downside is that this is the time of year when I get particularly antsy. I feel the tickling need for travel, more activity, new choreography, or some kind of big project. I start to spin out of that tranquil, slow-motion winter pace, wanting to burst out of hibernation with color and pomp.

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