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Vietnam-Inspired Mango Pancakes with Honey Coconut Cream

It is no secret that I am a hardcore morning person and that my small daily rituals are pretty much sacred. Being a dancer, I always feel that it is equally important to prepare both my mind and body for the day ahead. However, travel is one of those wonderful but precarious things that has the power to knock everything off center, especially if you happen to be traveling in a place like Vietnam where the culture is completely new and unknown

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Banana Bread Chia and Chickpea Flour Pancakes + Some Dawn Poetry

Some Poetry for Dawn. Wake up just a notch earlier on the clock, and the mist in the distant hills will tell you what you’ve been missing. Lavender light spanning the spectrum of sky until it becomes orange and bright. Birds feeding on the terrace ledge, fighting for bread kernels you left out the night before.
The self-given gift of slowly moving limbs, stretching and creaking awake, instead of flailing in a rush out the door. And quiet. Think of the quiet you’ve been missing.

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Brown Butter Banana Oatmeal Pancakes with Peanut Butter Whipped Cream + Honey

Every morning the world is created. Mornings are poems. Whispering sheets, hazy eyelids, the still blue darkness. Our living room window shade is old and creaky and has to be opened from the outside, so I start each day shuffling around the terrace, hauling open wooden panels, always taking a moment to gaze out of our little box of a view

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Maple Muesli Banana Bread + The Balancing Act

While millions of pumpkin spice lattes are brewing in America, here there is only the slightest change in breeze temperature to signal the seasons changing. This is about the time of year when a bittersweet sort of homesickness kicks in. The longer I live in Morocco, the more wildly these feelings seem to fluctuate.

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Orange Blossom, Date + Fresh Fig Oatmeal

I am still working on pulling together an exhaustive wedding post, so in the meantime let me just say: Hello September, where did you come from? It hasn't quite hit me that we are reaching the tail end of this particular season. It's still just as hot, I've started up teaching dance and yoga at work again- still on the summer class schedule, and everyone else is still at the beach. I must admit I am happy that summer in Tangier is coming to a close. 

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Strawberry Cardamom Coconut Muffins

I debated with myself for a while about what direction to take with this blog. I’ve had food blogs in the past that always provided some solace and enjoyment, but I would get stuck frequently with bad cases of recipe block and spiral into a circle of frustration. I began to add some travel stories while also beginning this website as a professional dance news space. Finally I asked myself- why the need to have everything so separate? Interests are made to intersect. I don’t believe in separating hobbies from real work.

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