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A Long Weekend in Sevilla, Spain | The Most Stunning Sights + Coziest Cafes

While our trip last month was not my first visit to Sevilla, Spain (or “Seville,” I suppose, as we say in the states), but it felt as if I was seeing everything with fresh, new eyes. My memories of the Sevilla I visited 6 years ago are nothing but a blur of Semana Santa festivities that commemorated the holy week of Easter.

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Vietnam Part 1 | Travel Diary + On Finding Joy in Being the Outsider

I am not even sure how to start writing about Vietnam. My mom and I spent a little over two weeks traveling and working in this stunning country and we did so much in that short amount of time that I am still trying to wrap my mind around it all. However, I wanted to share some of the experiences with you now, while at least it is still fresh and vivid. 

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Dansez Maintenant Festival | A Rekindled Love

I arrived in the two am deep darkness, foggy from the train ride and altogether exhausted from a day’s worth of travel. Two of the very kind co-founders of the festival picked me up and drove my disoriented self through country road and tiny winding streets until we reached a looming pair of gates. We pulled up behind a building and I could barely see a thing around me except above, a vast sparkling array of stars mapped out like a planetarium. I stumbled inside, upstairs, and practically fell headfirst into the grand and comfortable shape of a canopied bed before passing out for the next 5 hours.

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