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Caramelized Peach + Orange Blossom Oat Crumble Bars

Our lives are often marked by ritual. When we look back on our most memorable events, they are usually centered around holidays, large shifts, and general points of transition. For years, I grew up with that regular annual ritual of The End of Summer.

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Not Everything Should Be Shared | The Case For Taking A Quiet Creative Pause

If one is constantly shuttling forward, it is all too easy to leave the “why” of it- that second degree of quality and meaning- lost in the dust along the trail somewhere. Sometimes we have to halt in our tracks, take a few steps back, and quietly rediscover our personal reasons for making work…

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Keeping Faith in the Transformational Power of Art

I started and stopped about three different blog topics this past weekend as I sat down to write. I wrote a list of several possible recipes I could test and whip out, scoured cookbooks and pinterest for inspiration. Somehow, though, I could not make any of it stick, so I am just going to write straight from the heart of where I am right now, even if perhaps it is a little bit scattered. 

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Ramadan Reflection | Breaking Patterns and Finding the Spiritual in Food + Time

Breakfast time.
Lunch hour.
Dinner on the table. 

These are all moments of each day that are engrained in us like clockwork. At first I thought that perhaps one of the biggest time-related challenges in moving to Tangier would be changing my dinner time from 6ish to 9ish, but little did I know what Ramadan had in store for me. 

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