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Strawberry Thyme Hand Pies + Practicing Patience

There is no doubt that the changing over of seasons stirs something up inside of all of us. I have always loved spring, with it’s way of rebirthing what was hibernating and buried underground for so long, but the downside is that this is the time of year when I get particularly antsy. I feel the tickling need for travel, more activity, new choreography, or some kind of big project. I start to spin out of that tranquil, slow-motion winter pace, wanting to burst out of hibernation with color and pomp.

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Ruby Red Resilience Juice with Beets, Strawberry + Orange

I am not sure if it is specific to this city, but something strange has been in the air these days. I feel myself slowing down, losing momentum, getting a bit stuck. My friend and I have a joke that if anything whatsoever is wrong, blame the Tangier weather. Despite the pouring rain, rolling clouds and blustery winds, each morning I try to fill my insides with positivity in any form that can be consumed to counter the weird moods.

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Strawberry Cardamom Coconut Muffins

I debated with myself for a while about what direction to take with this blog. I’ve had food blogs in the past that always provided some solace and enjoyment, but I would get stuck frequently with bad cases of recipe block and spiral into a circle of frustration. I began to add some travel stories while also beginning this website as a professional dance news space. Finally I asked myself- why the need to have everything so separate? Interests are made to intersect. I don’t believe in separating hobbies from real work.

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