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Snapshots from Stockholm + The Travel Duet

While in Stockholm, I felt as if I was weaving myself around in a little traveling dance- together and apart, together and apart. Solo, duet, Solo duet. Next to exploring my hometown and having a mini-moon in New York after getting married, this was only the second time that M and I had ever traveled together.  He was called to Stockholm for a conference and I tagged along to explore this new city and take some dance + yoga workshops there.

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Honey Butter Cardamom Buns + On Focused Living

I took a dance class while I was in Stockholm the other week and in the middle of executing a leg-heavy improvisation exercise, the guest artist stopped the music and told us something that I have been thinking about ever since. She prefaced with how she understands that sometimes when we are doing an improvisational task like this in dance, it can be difficult to stay balanced and maybe once in a while we fall, a foot slips or we make some sort of mistake.

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