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London | A Simple-Beauty-Seeker City Tour

I am finally back in Tangier and part of me is content with swinging back into a routine, especially with this perfect spring weather blowing across the mediterranean, but the other part of me wants to stay on the move. The electricity of travel is still sparking in my veins and I can’t help continuing to lust over Pinterest photos, city names and calls for international dance workshops. I also keep revisiting all of my pictures from this last trip to London, wondering how soon I can go back again. 

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An Ode to Airplanes

As much as I adore the energy the body absorbs from dance, yoga, long walks, and good stretches, there is one particular physical experience that quite literally rises above all others. I will never get tired of the feeling I get when taking off in an airplane. Rolling slowly away from the gate, moseying around the maze of concrete until the plane turns its nose towards the expectant runway. 

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Rain-Soaked + Solo, A Romantic Weekend in Madrid

A city in the rain is as romantic as you make it. You can walk arm in arm with a loved one through the glistening cobblestones, finding cozy nooks in cafes and whispering into mugs of tea, or you can be chilled, damp and groan that you can’t properly take pictures without getting your camera wet and you wanted to see that lovely park, but what’s the point now.

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