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De-Cute-ing + Reclaiming the Word "Creativity"

What I’ve been seeing in the online world for a while now is the general watering down of the word creativity. It is floundering and drowning in flowery scripts pasted to pinterest boards, over-priced online courses, and endless hashtags.

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My 5 Favorite Books of 2018 + Relearning to be a Reader

For the past two years, among the other tangible resolutions and goals that I set every January 1st, I have been writing down the number of books that I would like to try to read that year. I started small and manageable- a humble 30 books.

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How to Cultivate a Journaling Practice (and stick to it)

For me, the importance of writing every day comes down to gaining a certain kind of awareness. Finding time to jot down just a couple thoughts, moments, or images from the day gives one pause to reflect on the details and tease out the extraordinary from the ordinary.

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