Conversations in Process

A multidisciplinary research project on the art of conversation, explored through the artistic mediums of dance, writing, video, and a podcast. 


Why conversations?

Simply put, because it is important. We live in a world where we have the ability to craft ourselves online and these selves may or may not emerge in reality. There are constant arguments over whether we are more disconnected or connected than ever before, plus due to mass media, cultural divides and disagreements are being highlighted in a harsh spotlight. The need for real, meaningful conversation is urgent. However, what does that mean- “real” and "meaningful” conversation? That is what this project will explore- how we communicate with each other, our inner selves, the objects we interact with daily, and with the natural world around us. 

What is the timeline?

This is a longterm, in-depth research project. At this moment, I am still in the very beginning phases of conceptualizing it all, but because part of the project itself is talking about process, I want to try to be as transparent about each step of the research and work. I have ideas of where it could go, but I am also open to wherever the conversations take me.

* Stay tuned for more in this space *

Conversations in Writing