The adult human body has enough energy to explode with the force of 30 hydrogen bombs. What do we do with that energy on a daily basis?

How do we manipulate it when we wake up, when we walk, wade through water, or make contact with another human being? uby's dance attempts to find channels and crevices through which this energy can move, chasing that explosive spirit that is present in the center of all of us. She expresses and explores those things that are intangible and unexplainable through the sensual form of the human body.


Ruby grew up surrounded by the arts, encouraged to write, draw and perform from an early stage. Being constantly drawn towards the body as a medium from which to create, she began training in contemporary dance from a young age and eventually declared a dance and composition major at Oberlin College and Conservatory. However, her curiosity and passion for the world quickly launched her into a life of travel, continuing her training at studios in London, Berlin, and taking part in residencies and intensives across Europe. She finally landed in Tangier, Morocco, where she is now based, introducing contemporary dance as an emerging art form in the city, choreographing works and teaching regular dance and yoga classes- in three languages at once. Her choreography has been commissioned and sponsored by the US Embassy of Morocco, the French Institute of Tangier, the American Language Center Network in Morocco, and the American Legation of Tangier. Her love of travel continues to take her abroad frequently, performing her work in festivals in Spain, France and offering residencies and dance consultancy to the American International School network.


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