"My body which must be fed, will be well fed."
-Mary Oliver

A question I get asked frequently by people who know me primarily as a dancer/choreographer is “What’s up with the food?” 

To answer in brief, my artistic work depends heavily on the strength and energy of my physical body, therefore putting time and care into nourishing it is extremely important to me. I also find that cooking can be driven by passion, taste, sensations and curiosity, just like any other creative endeavor. 

All recipes on my blog have been tested and made with love by yours truly. Sometimes vegan, sometimes gluten-free, with a mix of sweet and savory, you will find a wide variety with something for everyone.

I am often inspired by local produce and flavors from the places I have lived or visited and above all, I always aim to make food that is wholly satisfying and a joy to eat. 

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