Hello there, nice to meet you.

My name is Ruby Josephine Smith. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and currently live in Tangier, Morocco. 

I will be the first to admit that I am not exactly a nice neat box of a person. I am all about the pursual and exploration of varying interests and finding those electric connection points between them. If someone asks casually what I do with my life, my automatic reply is dance and choreograph. However, I am also an experimental baker, fitness + yoga teacher, vigorous traveler, blogger, amateur photographer, beginning calligrapher, bookworm, foodie, and life-long writer. While several of these things may seem to be unrelated, none of these identities exist in a vacuum. I believe that being a better reader makes me a better dancer. Being more knowledgable about food makes me a better traveler and basically the more curiosity and interests present in my life, the more interesting and rich it becomes.

I strive to emanate creativity in everything I do, from daily tasks to baking birthday cakes to staging dance performances. My kind of creativity is generous. It is full, giving and unlimited. It applies to every aspect of my life and I intend for it to be a never-draining source as long as I can think and breathe. 

This space is where I share my reflections, inspirations, curiosities, and hope to open up communication and connection between like-minded individuals trying to live as deeply and fully as possible.

If you want to hear more about my dance work and background, look over here.

If you are here just for the food (I don't blame you), you can find the recipe archive here. My love for cooking and baking runs deep and really, what would this space be without sharing where my dance fuel comes from?

Many people have asked me how I got to where I am- living in Morocco and teaching dance- so here is the briefest version of the story I can muster: 

When I was about 6 I declared to my parents that when I grew up I would be a dancer and a baker. The fact that I detested my ballet class and had only ever made Christmas cookies once a year was totally irrelevant and my parents, being the wonderful supportive artist types that they are said “sure honey.” 

As we all do, when I got older I began to feel the pressure to focus. What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your major? What is your passion? In college I found myself torn between dance, writing + psychology and ultimately decided to be a dance major. However, before even starting the program, I completely derailed myself. 

I took an infamous “gap year” to travel around Europe by myself for 9 months. After glimpsing only a slice of what the world has to offer, I realized there was no going backwards. I left college and moved to Berlin. There, I learned that sometimes there are places that just don’t click with that little switch inside of us and no matter how much I forced it, Berlin did not click. 

During my original travels, I stopped over in Tangier Morocco and absolutely fell in love with the city. It was so foreign to anything I had ever known and yet it had this magic pull about it. I decided to leave Berlin immediately and got a grant in collaboration with an American woman I had connected with in Tangier to do a touring dance performance. That was supposed to only last six months. Three years later, I am completely settled here, teaching dance classes in three languages (I’ve learned French + Moroccan Arabic), learning how to make local dishes + sweets, and married to M (as he is known here), the amazing man who was one of my first dancers in the original project that brought me here. 

Somehow I have fulfilled that childhood dream of being a dancer and a baker, but I never could have imagined that the setting would be Tangier. I am fairly certain that life will have a lot more in store for me, but already I have gathered the importance of seizing opportunities and making them your own and have cultivated a resilient belief in fate. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, or would just like to chat. I love hearing from you.