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Hello there.

I am Ruby, the writer, dancer, photographer, choreographer and general human behind the scenes of this whole little space. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have lived in Tangier, Morocco for the past 5 years.

When someone asks what I do in my life, my first reply is usually contemporary dance choreographer. Which, in general, is at the forefront of my work and passion. However, in life and in this space I am also an experimental baker, a certified yoga instructor, vigorous traveler, blogger, amateur photographer, bookworm, foodie, and life-long writer. While several of these interests may seem to be unrelated, none can exist alone. I believe that being a better reader makes me a better dancer. Being more knowledgable about food makes me a better traveler. Basically, the more curiosity and interests present in my life, the more rich it becomes.

I strive to emanate creativity in everything I do, from daily tasks to baking birthday cakes to dance performances. My kind of creativity is generous- full and giving and unlimited.

In my daily life, I teach dance classes, train and improvise in the studio, write for this blog + other projects, make frequent travel plans, and always treat the kitchen like a meditative experimentation room, full of music, podcasts, and flavors. I live in an apartment in the Tangier city center with my husband M (who I met here while working on a performance together), where we have created a home that blends cultures, languages, and creativity.

This online home is where I share my reflections, inspirations, curiosities, and dance work, hoping to open up communication and connection between like-minded individuals who are trying to live life as deeply and fully as possible.
Ready to dive in?

If you have any questions or just want to get in touch,