What is Monthly Mystery Mail?


Being fairly self-explanatory, it is a monthly email I send out to every lovely person on my mailing list, featuring some kind of personally tailored "mystery box."
The contents of the mystery box will change month-to-month,
but they are all tied together by a common theme:
illuminating and inspiring how to infuse generous creativity
and active presence in one's daily life. 


Okay so what kind of mystery contents are we talking about?

In general, things that I personally find inspirational + motivating and hope you will too. To get more specific, here are some examples:


Specialty recipes that are close to my heart

At this point you should be aware of the fact that I love food and everything to do with it. I make so many things in a week that a lot doesn't even make it in front of a camera or on the blog. However, if you are a part of monthly mystery mail, you may just get some extra amazing recipes that I adore and hope you will too. 


Dance + yoga resources

It is my belief that dance is valuable to everyone- not just dancers. Like yoga, it can help us get back in touch with that ever-important mind-body connection. Being a dance and yoga instructor, I have often thought about making mini sequences, routines or movement prompts to share with you. Here's the perfect chance.


Travel Secrets

There are certain places in Tangier and other cities I have visited that are so wonderful that it's tempting to keep them secret. However, travel love is meant to be shared, so sharing exclusively to the mailing list seems appropriate in this case. 


Video sessions with yours truly

To be completely honest, I'm a little awkward with video. I think, though, that it would be a lovely way to connect a little more "face-to-face" with you all, so for now, conversational videos about creativity, inspiration, and life in general will be something you can expect only in your inbox. 


If any of that sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee for that matter),
I would love for you to join me.