“My body, which must be fed, will be well fed.”
-Mary Oliver, Upstream

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A question I get asked frequently by people who know me primarily as a dancer/choreographer is “What’s up with the food?” 

To answer in brief, my artistic work depends heavily on the strength and energy of my physical body, therefore putting time and care into nourishing it is extremely important to me.

The longer answer to the question begins back when I was in college, struggling to find that school-life balance and experimenting with vegan-ism (it did not last long). While procrastinating on papers, I fell deep into the world of vegan food blogs and eventually started my own, finding peaceful solace in the satisfying activity of photographing still-life food and writing something as methodical as a recipe.

I kept that blog all the way up until I began traveling, when I switched over to a newer blog that focused on food and travel. What with moving around on a weekly basis and living out of hostel dorm rooms, it ended up being hard to maintain, until I finally settled in Tangier and began writing again in this space.

While blogging has not always been such a steady road for me, my interest in food in general persisted and deepened as I traveled to new places, learned about local traditions and ways of thinking about food, and began to appreciate cooking as something akin to an art form. Cooking can be driven by passion, taste, sensations and curiosity, just like any other artistic endeavor. 

These are the beliefs I have developed over the years about food:

-I believe that food should be always delicious and nourishing for your body, mind and spirit.
-I have no interest in diets and restrictions.
-I am interested in eating in ways that make me feel more vibrant and strong, and believe you should do the same, whatever that means for you. 

On the blog, you can expect to find a wide variety of recipes- from baking and sweets to salads and hearty soups. I love to get inspired by local Moroccan cuisine, learning traditional recipes from my in-laws and also adopting ideas from cuisines I have tasted in other parts of the world. Food can bring people and cultures together in an intimate and beautiful way. 

Speaking of which, even as I was synching in and out of food blogging, I kept coming back and have now stuck to it primarily for the people. The food blogging community is one of the most loyal and supportive places I have ever been, filled with some incredibly savvy and strong women who I feel so lucky to have connected with over the years. Thank you to all of the fellow bloggers who have encouraged my work, and to you lovely readers who keep coming back, trying recipes and pushing me forward. 

Some Favorite Recipes: