Episode 11: Sanne Clifford - A Maker of Movement Stories

Photo by Sjoerd Derine

Photo by Sjoerd Derine


As a self-proclaimed maker, Sanne Clifford uses the languages of dance, movement, words and film, choreographing them into moving stories and conversations. She is a Dutch artist and choreographer, living and working in Amsterdam and touring her work abroad. She presented her first professional choreographed work in 2009 and from 2012 to 2015 was the co-founder, co-director and house-choreographer of New Dance Company, a platform that takes initiatives to help young choreographers and dancers in their artistic development. Recently, she founded her own project-based dance company, Sanne Clifford & Co and teaches dance classes as well. Her way of working involves initiating a certain concept, and then inviting other artists to join in and co-create. Her passion for collaborations and explorative research led her to co-found and co-direct Choreolab Europe in 2015, a workshop platform for choreographic research and play. Choreolab Basel in 2017 is how the two of us met and ever since, I have loved watching the journey of her work unfolding and evolving.

In this conversation between two choreographers in Sanne’s lovely Amsterdam apartment, we dig into the details of how Sanne got to where she is in her career today- how she chose what to study, the steps she took to form her own company, and the research that she puts into each and every project. Because we met through Choreolab, we talk quite a bit about the art of collaboration and play- both with other dancers and interdisciplinary collaborations. We also talk about how values are reflected in the creative process, what it means to feel secure and safe as an artist, and what dance means to her.


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