Episode 12: Caleb Hinz - Distortion, Project-Juggling, and Why “Art Changes Nothing”


Caleb Hinz is an artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota that seems to do everything. I was introduced to him through his solo music projects, but later learned that he is mostly known for his musical work with The Happy Children and Baby Boys, as well as running the umbrella clothing brand and community movement that is Normal Parents. You can also find Hinz producing music for artists all over, directing music videos, working on his house and creating the occasional painting here and there.

Caleb was kind enough to have me over to his beautiful newly refurbished house in St. Paul where he lives with his wife, Hannah, and his dog Bessie (who makes an appearance). Some of the highlights of what we covered in this conversation are chatting about how his artistic upbringing impacted his current work, the benefits of surrounding yourself with creative people in your life, how he juggles many projects once, Caleb’s song-writing process, and defining success. We also get into how his t-shirt brand Normal Parents began, and the story behind the slogan on one of his tees, which is “art changes nothing.” This conversation is full of laughter, multiple tangents about Queer Eye, and a lot of clear, enthusiastic passion that Caleb has for everything he does.


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photo via  normalparents.com


-Normal Parents website and instagram
-Caleb’s solo music work
-Listen to The Happy Children (RIP)
-Listen to Baby Boys
-Hippo Campus music + website
-Scary Mama (the bloody Santa Claus)
-Early Musical Influences: The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White,
Oracular spectacular by MGMT, Radiohead
-Baby Boys Wannabe music video
-Queer Eye (mentioned multiple times)
-Music mentioned: Frank Ocean
-Baby Boys song Kleenex (the creative explosion)
-Art Changes Nothing shirt
Other artists Caleb is currently producing:
-Kate Malanaphy
-Good Luck Finding Iris

-And finally, listen to Cooper Lee Smith’s debut album


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