Episode 2: Anne Butera - Seasons + Cycles of Creative Joy


“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”
-Mary Oliver

Anne Butera is a self-taught artist living in Wisconsin- a fellow midwesterner- who finds inspiration in the beauty of her garden and the magic of nature. We met through another internet friend and I have been following her blog, where she writes beautifully about art and creativity, for some time now. Anne works primarily in watercolor, but is a brave artist in that she also loves challenging herself to try new mediums. She strives to seek out and celebrate life’s little joys and daily graces, which is exactly what we get into in this conversation.

In this episode, Anne and I discuss what it is to be a self-taught artist and the pressure of calling yourself an artist in general, how these days we often feel like we have to share everything, the natural seasons and cycles of creative work, and, of course, always finding joy in the details.

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Color Swatches by Anne Butera
Orchids by Anne Butera


-Anne’s portfolio and blog: https://www.mygiantstrawberry.com/
-Anne’s instagram
-Take classes with Anne here
-Botanica: An Encyclopedia of Inspiration
-Spice & Sprout (our mutual blogging friend)
-White Pine by Mary Oliver (quote source)


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