Episode 4: Renee Byrd - Soul of a Self-Aware + Sensitive Artist


“The enlightened artist is not just self-oriented but self-aware”
-Renee Byrd

I originally met Renee Byrd through her beautiful food blog, Will Frolic for Food, but quickly discovered that she is also a talented musician, yoga teacher, photographer, poet, helps run a chocolate and coffee business called Frolic Chocolate, and a whole lot more. Renee is based in a small town in Virginia and on her blog she shares vegetarian recipes along with conversations about holistic wellness. She views self-care and personal healing as a vital part of living a full, creative life as an artist of any medium. As a musician, she is a part of the musical trio Larkspur and is starting a new project with her husband titled Blondechalant, which we really get into in this chat.

I had expected to talk about food a lot in this episode since we first met as two budding food bloggers, but as I’ve said before, we meet people where they are on their artistic paths and Renee is in a point of transition, which I absolutely loved discussing with her. We dig deep into her performing arts background, what it means to be a multipotentialite, being a “highly sensitive person” and how that effects her creative process, how she writes music and lyrics, imposter syndrome, and calling yourself an expert versus an educator. Renee is a mindful, self-aware, and magical artistic soul. She is a force of inspiration for others who want to dive into the depths of their inner lives and intuitions to find their true creative selves. 

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Renee Byrd


-Renee’s website and instagram
-Listen to Larkspur, get their music and follow them on instagram
-Follow her new music project, Blondechalant
-Purchase Renee’s lightroom presets
-More on being a multipotentialite
-Dr Elaine Aron’s work on Highly Sensitive People
-Joseph music
-Annabeth sings patron (her fellow bandmate’s personal project)
-To Be Magnetic course with Lacy Phillips
-The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer
-Morning Pages journaling exercise by Julia Cameron
-5Rhythms ecstatic dance classes


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