Workshop + Class Offerings



She has led a number of international dance workshops and artistic residencies, including the following experience:

-Lycée Regnault, Tangier, Morocco, 2017
-American International School of Chennai, India, 2015
-American School of Bombay, India, 2015
-Tabadoul Art Center, Tangier, Morocco, 2014
-Le Cinematheque de Tanger, Morocco, 2013
-American School of Paris, 2013


Regular Classes

Ruby teaches contemporary dance courses for ages 8-16 and adults at Le Conservatoire D’Art et Musique in Tangier, Morocco. If you are interested in joining, please contact the conservatory about class subscriptions.


"Ruby ... was professional, thoughtfully engaged in the planning, and knowledgeable. The kids loved her. I, along with the students, particularly enjoyed her ability to turn text into body movements. Ruby is skilled at choreography and helps kids develop this ability in themselves from the very first lesson.
Ruby’s workshops will appeal to your bodily-kinesthetic learners as well as those who love music. There are several opportunities to incorporate her into creative units, such as: multicultural studies, dance, physical education, theater, and music."

-Jeremy Willette, Head of Library Services
American International School in Chennai

"You captivated our students and gave them a valuable experience and tools for their next dance endeavors."

-Rick Friel, Head of Physical Education, South Saigon International School

" J'ai adoré cette collaboration et suis convaincue que les élèves ont beaucoup appris. Ca a été pour moi vraiment très intéressant de pouvoir observer ton approche."
(Translation) "I loved this collaboration and I am convinced that the students learned so much. For me, it was very interesting to observe [Ruby's] approach."

-Isabelle Molveau, Theater Teacher at Lycée Regnault

“At the very get-go, one could tell that Ruby has an incredibly warm and positive energy around her, one that is quite contagious, and that has quite beautifully added to her professionalism in being able to teach and conduct her classes as she has a way of putting all of her students at ease. She is constantly striving to give her best in her classes, and this truly shows as her clients / students always come back to take her classes.”

-Aida Azlin, Tangier Business Owner

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