Bodies Between Borders


Tangier, Morocco, Salon International de Tanger des Livres et des Arts, 2016

Choreography and Production: Ruby Josephine Smith
Dancers: Hamza Hassani, Hassan Chekroun, Kaoutar Karkouri, Noure Khamlichi

Sponsored by L’Institut Français de Tanger


"The process [of being a foreigner] is threatening, as one has to alter one’s own identity in order to accept reincarnatioN”

-Professor Wu Zhou

What happens to a person when they cross borders into a place unknown? Bodies Between Borders is one of many possible answers to this question. This piece is comprised of a quartet of dancers, traveling separately and together from the familiar into the new. It takes the audience on a journey with them, crossing over into new territory and experiencing a transformation that takes place during the process. Touching on themes such as isolation, language and communication, and defining “home,” the dancers answer the questions “what do we bring with us” and what do we leave behind?”

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