Femmes Regardent Les Femmes
(Women Watching Women)


Femmes Regardent Les Femmes, Tangier, Morocco,
Salon International de Tanger des Livres et des Arts 2015

Choreography: Ruby Josephine Smith

Dancers: Alba Farasha Flotando, Bely Gandhara, Carolyn McDaniel, Ghizlan Raisse Achehbar, Hajar Chahmoti, Jihane El Khaloui, Katharina Jakob, Kelsey Yarnell, Lamiae Zitouni, Meriam Aidani, Natalia Fernandes, Sarah Amrani

Sponsored by: L’Institut Français de Tanger

Theme: Femmes Regardent Les Femmes is a large group choreography bringing together women from vastly different cultures and backgrounds in order to explore how women relate to one another and how the female eye observes. It is a critical, largely improvised piece exploring friendship, competition, jealousy and judgement.



These Games We Play

Choreographed and Performed by Ruby Josephine Smith

Music: Sinnerman by Nina Simone

Theme: Also commissioned for the Salon des Livres, this solo premiered along side Femmes Regardent Les Femmes in May 2015 as another take on female observation, this time an exploration of how a woman reacts when she knows she is being observed. It asks the question “what games do we play when we watch and know we are being watched?”


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