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Morocco, 2014-15

Choreographed and Directed by Ruby Josephine Smith

Technical Assistant: Ilyass Bouchri

Dancers: Hassan Chekroun, Khawla Tounsi, Noure Khamlichi, Ussama Inluot, Ghizlan Raiss, Jihane El Khaloui

Sponsored by the American Language Center of Tangier and L'Institut Français de Tanger

Performances: December 2014, Salle Beckett, Tangier, Morocco.
January 2015, Spanish School Jacinto Beneventes, Tetouan, Morocco.


Working with five young Moroccan dancers, the goal of the project was to inspire creativity by learning how to produce unique contemporary choreography and work as a team to create a full-length dance performance. Rehearsals were led using a base of contemporary technique, improvisation exercises, group experimentation and personal creativity. The final performance was a combination of separate solos, duets and group work choreographed in part by the dancers, tied together by a common theme: freedom of expression.

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